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Tsokalate Chocolates

500 E. Walnut #109, Columbia, MO 65201

About Tsokalate Chocolates

Tsokolate is a chocolate company birthed out of Sweet Saveur. Tsokolate has a dedicated team of professionals who bring awareness on the power of food. Since 2008, we have been emphasizing that food is more than fuel. Food has healing capabilities and can help you achieve your optimal health potential. We do this by using superfoods that are nutrient-rich. Tsokolate provides a collection of superfood bonbons with flavors containing its own unique characteristics of health benefits.

Not only that, Tsokolate’s mission is to emphasize the value of cocoa farmers as well as each individual farmer growing the herbs, fruits & vegetables we feature in our superfood flavors.

Tsokolate was refined out of the love of two sisters, Chefs Elle & Jan with one single strong common interest: the love of CHOCOLATES!

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14 Business Loop 70 East
Columbia, MO 65203
(573) 443-LOOP
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