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Corridor Plan

The Loop Corridor Plan is a new vision for the future of the Business Loop, a street which serves as the entrance to Columbia yet has been neglected for decades. The Business Loop Community Improvement District saw the need to improve The Loop’s identity and position within the broader community. After year of public surveys, town halls, and lots of brainstorming, the board approved a concept plan for the street. The Loop Corridor Plan is a 10-year vision to create a welcoming, attractive, and economically vital street which can compete in the marketplace for investment and long-term viability.

Our first projects have included high visibility projects designed to make the street more welcoming and attractive for our visitors--the Community Pop-Up Park, a Bike Repair Station, and colorful banners along the length of the street. In the future, we will be working with MODOT and the City of Columbia on needed infrastructure improvements. 




Manage Access and Traffic

Improve traffic flow, reduce speeding, and create new ways to access businesses blocked by medians. Relocate and consolidate driveways when possible to make sidewalks safer.

Green the Street

Add native plant landscaping and street trees to soften the corridor, make the area more visually appealing, and create welcoming gateways into Columbia.

Enhance the Streetscape

Use landscaping, lighting, and public art to create a street where traveling along the corridor is more pleasant and people are encouraged to linger.

Extend the Pedestrian Environment

Take advantage of the utility undergrounding project to extend and improve sidewalks along the length of the corridor, adding more crosswalks so people can safely cross the street.

Improve the Bicycle Network

Expand and improve upon current bike lanes, taking advantage of the planned Bike Boulevard at Madison and Parkade.

Create Public Spaces

Work with property owners to develop public gathering spaces on underutilized parcels. Use pop-up spaces to draw people to The Loop and provide proof-of-concept to developers.

Define the Street’s Identity

Use graphics, banners, signage, and public art to enliven the corridor and better reflect the unique character of The Loop and the people on it.

Manage Stormwater

Develop a corridor-wide stormwater plan to incentivize property upgrades and new development projects.

Attract Economic Investment

Make a visible investment in the public space to encourage property owners, business owners, and new developers to make investments of their own.




Planned upgrades, including landscaping, street trees, and other amenities.
Proposed safety improvements to sidewalks and bike lanes.
Transforming vacant lots into public gathering spaces.


  • Trent Brooks MODOT
  • Felice Brown Resident
  • Cris Burnam Parkade Plaza
  • Gary Ennis Ennis Appliance
  • Dave Griggs Flooring America
  • Mike Heimos City of Columbia Sustainability/Stormwater
  • Vicki Kemna Boone Electric
  • Paul Land Plaza Commercial Realty
  • Jeff Lashley Moberly Area Community College
  • Tom May Breaktime
  • James Roark-Gruender Passions
  • Clyde Ruffin Councilman
  • Mike Schupp MODOT
  • Richard Stone City of Columbia Public Works
  • Annette Triplett PedNet Coalition
  • Lili Vianello McDonald’s
  • Gary Ward University of Missouri
  • Ryan Williams City of Columbia Water and Light
  • Scott Wilson Downtown Leadership Council



Download and print the full plan or a single-sheet overview.

Planning Process
Enhancement Plans
Placemaking Focus Areas

This plan is conceptual and will require the approval and support of MODOT, the City of Columbia, and other stakeholders. Individuals projects within the plan will require the support and approval of property owners, business owners, and other stakeholders. If you’d like us to present the plan to your group or organization, contact us at [email protected].

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573- 443-5667 (LOOP)
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