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Celebrate Loop Latinas on May 5

We're a college town so most people think of bottomless margaritas when they think of May 5. But did you know it was originally a way to celebrate Mexico's victory over France at the Battle of Puebla? 

In America, Chicanos began celebrating the holiday in the 1960's as a way to celebrate Mexican culture and heritage--and over the years it's grown into a larger celebration of Latino heritage.

So why not return to the holiday's roots by celebrating some talented Latinas right here on The Loop? 

Let's start with Carmen Cecilia Febres Cordero of Amore e Gusto, working out of our CoMo Cooks Shared Kitchen. She hand-makes empanadas with more than 10 fillings: savory, vegetarian, veggie and sweet options. Order a dozen now via her online ordering form.

Next you can't go wrong visiting Maribel Torres at Crazy Good Burritos. She makes burrito, tacos, quesabirria, and sopaipillas--all based on her mother's recipes. She's located at 817 Business Loop E in a former payday loan shop, and we consider that quite the upgrade. (For all the folks who used to cruise The Loop, she's in the old Zesto's.)

Finally, the best place in town for street tacos is Carlito's, located at 12 A Business Loop E. Along with street tacos, Sara Huaco offers burritos, enchiladas, and the Peruvian specialty Lomo Saltado, strips of beef sauteed with onions, tomatoes, spices, and served over rice AND french fries. 

So skip the college crowds doing tequila shots and instead support some talented Latinas making amazing food!

14 Business Loop 70 East
Columbia, MO 65203
573- 443-5667 (LOOP)
[email protected]

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