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CID Update

We recently learned that Boone County Clerk Wendy Noren made an error when searching for voters both in the Fall of 2013 when CID planning began and most recently. To the best of her knowledge, there are at least 14 registered voters within the CID. She is still continuing to search so that may change.

We’re in the process of reaching out to these folks to find out what they’d like to see improved on the Business Loop.  There is no election scheduled so our goal right now is simply gaining their input. As residents along The Loop, we're fairly certain they have some very good idea on things they'd like to see fixed.

In fact, that’s a good reminder to all of us why we created the CID in the first place—because the Business Loop has been neglected for decades and we’d like to change that.

So wherever we go from here, our commitment is to revitalizing the Business Loop. We want to make this an attractive, safe, and walkable street for the people who use it. And, as always, we want your help to make that happen. Take a few minutes and give us your thoughts via our online survey. Thank you!

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