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Election Update

At today's board meeting, the board answered questions and took input from the public about the Community Improvement District, the goals of the district, and about a possible sales tax election.
The core principle of a Community Improvement District—a CID—is that the people within the district choose to invest in the area to make public improvements over and above what the city can provide. We have a lot to accomplish and are focusing on several key areas: beautification, public safety, economic development, marketing and events, and advocacy. However, this is just a start. Our goal is to work with people on The Loop and in the community to add some specifics this list of projects. And remember, the CID makes improvements to the public space, not to private property.
If everyone who uses The Loop contributes a little, we’ll be able to accomplish big things. The CID petition that was voted on and approved by both the property owners and the City Council provides for a property assessment and a 1/2 cent sales tax. It’s a two-step process so we would also have hold an election to approve the 1/2 cent sales tax.
The board reconfirmed at today's meeting that they have no plans to schedule an election. So while The Loop CID will still exist and collect tax assessments from properties along the corridor, we will not have the funding for improvements that we initially expected.
We understand that everyone in Columbia would like to see a more attractive, welcoming, and safe Business Loop. The board will have to determine if there are any other ways we can meet the commitments we've made to the business and properties owners---as well as to the community at large. We will keep everyone posted.
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