Photography In The Studio - TBD

01decAll Day31(All Day)(GMT-06:00) Photography In The Studio - TBDVidwest Studios

Event Details

Photography In The Studio
Time and Date: TBD
1600 Business Loop 70 E (Vidwest Studios); $200
​Instructor: Jonathan Asher
; Ages: 16+
In this course, students will get a hands-on lesson on the basics of studio photography. It will be approximately 1/3 classroom style instruction and 2/3 demonstration & participation. Key topics will include:
1. Strobe vs Continuous Light: Which to Choose and Why
2. The Camera in Your Phone vs an Interchangeable Lens Camera: Knowing When One Outperforms the Other
3. Lighting Your Subjects: Creative Lighting for Products and People
4. Working with Models... and Everyone Else


December 1, 2022 - December 31, 2022 (All Day)(GMT-05:00)

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