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Gartner receives international certification.

Carrie Gartner, Executive Director of The Loop Community Improvement District, has recently obtained the designation of Certified Leader in Place Management (LPM) from the International Downtown Association (IDA). Gartner joins a community of professionals who demonstrate the knowledge and skills to manage and lead a place management organization, such as a community improvement district.

Gartner has over 20 years of experience in urban planning, economic development, and marketing. Gartner was formerly the head of The District where she spearheaded numerous projects including the removal of the Broadway canopies and the placement of downtown on the National Register of Historic Places. She is currently working to revitalize the Business Loop with a 10-year plan to rebuild and beautify the corridor. Under Gartner’s leadership, The Loop was one of six communities in the nation to receive a federal grant to attract local, small-scale manufacturers to The Loop and was one of five communities in the nation to be named an Etsy Maker City and receive a cash award to support makers. Her current project is building CoMo Cooks, a shared commercial kitchen that will become one of three shared spaces along the street designed for small business startups and local artisans.

To become an LPM certificant, Gartner met eligibility requirements, passed a rigorous examination, pledged to uphold IDA’s Code of Ethics, and committed to ongoing professional development in the practice of place management.

The LPM certification program provides professionals the ability to demonstrate proficiency in all aspects of the place management profession while also maintaining a commitment to ethical conduct and personal and professional growth. The exam is comprised of subject matter included in the seven core domains of professional practice developed by IDA.  These domains include Leadership Development; Organizational Management; Economic Development; Policy and Advocacy; Public Space Management and Operations; Planning, Design, and Infrastructure; and Marketing, Communications and Events. 

For more information about IDA’s Leadership in Place Management (LPM) certification, visit downtown.org/certification

About The Loop CID

The Loop Community Improvement District is an organization dedicated to:

  • Creating an attractive and authentic multimodal corridor
  • Attracting and retaining diverse and innovative businesses, employees, makers, and investors
  • Designing a street that is safe, vibrant, healthy, and welcoming to all
  • Communicating the importance of the area to Columbia

Our organization has a 10-year Corridor Plan to revitalize and beautify the Business Loop and a comprehensive economic development plan to attract local makers and small-scale manufacturers to the area. For more information about The Loop, visit www.theloopcomo.com and for more information about our Maker City program and the shared spaces on the street, visit www.CRE8como.com.

About the International Downtown Association

The International Downtown Association (IDA) is the premier organization for urban place professionals who are shaping and activating dynamic city center districts. Our members are downtown champions who bring urban centers to life, bridging the gap between the public and private sectors. We represent an industry of more than 2,500 place management organizations, employing 100,000 people throughout North America and growing rapidly around the world. Founded in 1954, IDA is a resource center for ideas and innovative best practices in urban place management. For more information, visit www.downtown.org.   

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