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How do I order from CoMo Cooks?

As the number of vendors in our CoMo Cooks Shared Kitchen increases, we thought a quick primer on how to find some great food would be helpful.

All our businesses are independent.

The goal of our shared kitchen is to help small food start-ups by providing them with kitchen and pop-up space so they can build a business without a lot of cost. That means we have around 30 small businesses working out of the Loop office--all with their own menus, ordering info, and hours.

That's a lot! How do you keep track of all that?

We maintain an online listing of all our CoMo Cooks vendors which includes the type of food they serve, how to find them, and whether it's a food truck, a caterer, or a pop-up. Browse our online listing on the Loop website.

Now that I found something I like, how do I find them?

Each listing will have some information about the vendor and where they operate--whether it's from a food truck, our office, or via special order. We recommend following a business on social media to get the latest on menus and schedules. 

Here's an example from our website:

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Where are the pop-ups and pick-ups?

The CoMo Cooks Shared Kitchen is in the same building as the Loop office. We are located at 14 Business Loop East, next to Carlito's and across the street from McCosh Chevrolet. So don't worry if you show up and it doesn't look like a kitchen--it's much bigger on the inside than the outside!

Pop-ups are held after work hours in the front office. Pick-ups are run through the alley entrance to the kitchen--you can enter the alley behind the building via Grand or Garth. But if you can't find it, come to the front and we'll help you out. 

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Wait, how do I get there again?

Here's a map! And we have a downloadable map as well.

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14 Business Loop 70 East
Columbia, MO 65203
573- 443-5667 (LOOP)
[email protected]

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