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I'm bored!

We know families are fighting boredom so we've been working on some ideas on keeping the kids entertained and the parents sane---at-home craft projects, online workshops and more. We'll keep updating this page so check back to see what we're up to. And if you are a Loop Business or a Local Maker that is creating unique ways to interact with our community, please email [email protected]. We would love to get you added to this list.

Fun Activities from Loop Businesses

The Museum of Art and Archaeology

MUMAA wants you to help dress up their collection! They've placed a collection of statues on their website and are inviting people to dress, decorate, and decoupage them. Take a photo of your best-dressed statue and post it on their Facebook page!
Screen Shot 2020 04 23 at 11.26.23 AM
Or, spend an afternoon browsing a museum--but virtually! The Museum of Art and Archaeology now has an online exhibit of pieces reflecting the nostalgia for Missouri's lost urban and rural landscapes. MUMAA also offers online exhibits and extensive collections through their website as well as a self-guided tour that works just as well at home.
Screen Shot 2020 04 22 at 11.23.22 AM

The Museum of Anthropology

Running out of ways to home school the kids? The Museum of Anthropology has teamed up with the Columbia Public Schools Social Studies Department to create weekly lessons and activities that highlight an object from their collections.  Download the lessons on their website. Or, visit their website for select e-exhibits and extensive online collections as well.
kachina craft

CoMo Grow Supply

Spring STEM activity kits are ready to go! The kit includes a 15 page activity book with hand drawn coloring pages and interactive science activities/experiments, 2 planters, a seed pack, and soil. Call (573)823-3937 for no-contact pick up or visit their website. Look for other activities to come, including live gardening tutorials!
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Jabberwocky Studios

Jabberwocky dance instructors are posting virtual classes via Zoom. They're also posting dance challenges on Facebook so kids can try out the dances and share their own videos with Jabberwocky. Find Jabberwocky on Facebook and get moving.

Darkroom Records

Darkroom Records is a free, student-run recording studio for all CPS students located at Hickman High School. Musicians can record music, learn sound engineering techniques, and basic entrepreneurship. Check out their Soundcloud page for some great local music and host a dance party of your own.

Local Makers Go Digital

As you may know, we were recently named an Etsy Maker City and have been working with local makers to grow their businesses. We've reached out to all our makers and asked them for at-home projects and activities and they provided!

Cindy Scott Artistry

Cindy is a local artist who paints canvases live for events and weddings. Catch this video of her live painting in Shelter Gardens.

Chels the Baker

Chels makes beautiful decorated cookies and is now making DIY Cookie Decorating Kits for bored families. She also does live cookie baking on Instagram, so keep an eye out for more live videos!

Knottie Hooks

If you've been to our Maker Faire, you'd recognize a Knottie Hooks crocheted creation. She's now put crochet tutorial videos online to help you learn her craft!

Cultivate Co.

Cultivate Co, a local flower farm. usually conducts flower design workshops onsite but they now offer virtual workshops. They have no-contact flower delivery and pick up and instructions on how to create an elegant bouquet on your own.

Heartgrooves Handmade

Local maker, Beth Costello, creates felt flower bouquets and wreaths--but she's spreading the wealth. Beth has put together pre-cut felt flower kits for you to make your own designs!

Pixel Jam

Local maker and small business owner, Erica Martin has put her web development skills to good use during this crisis. She has developed a new website for her fellow small business owners trying to manage resources and needs. Help Radar is a community where people can connect peer-to-peer--whether they need some help or can offer help.

Social Distancing Bingo

Our favorite---Loop Bingo! Just because we're social distancing doesn't mean you can't enjoy some games with the family. Download the full set of Loop Bingo Cards and get started.
Loop Bingo Card

Zoom Backgrounds

Here's one for the parents working from home. Spice up those online meetings with a customized Zoom background featuring all our favorite things along The Loop--our Pop-Up Park, urban gardens, murals, an art exhibit from one of our museums, and of course, a plate of street tacos. Download the backgrounds below by right clicking on the image and saving it to your computer. Upload the images into your Zoom app at settings/virtual background and start having a little fun on those long conference calls. 

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