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Improved Artisan Industry Zoning

One recommendation of our Maker City Economic Development Plan was to expand the definition of Artisan Industry in the city's Unified Development Code to better reflect the needs of local makers, producers, and small-scale manufacturers we spoke with.

We successfully advocated for significant changes to the code which expanded the types of businesses considered Artisan Industry, expanded the activities within this type of businesses, and provided for larger spaces for these industries. Businesses can now build larger spaces, offer shared spaces, and use a wider variety of tools and equipment. 

New definition of Artisan Industry

Small-scale fabrication, preparation, or production of goods by an artist, artisan, craftsperson, or cook, on the premises for wholesale, on-site, or online retail. Spaces and tools may be shared amongst users. Accessory uses include retail, teaching of these skills to others in the course of preparation or production, and outdoor seating areas, and incidental interior seating areas. Specific artisan industry uses shall be divided into the following two categories:

Artisan Industry, Class 1

This category is intended to include activities relatingto small-scale arts, crafts, food and beverage production.Examples include butare not limited to small-scale sculpting or arts andcrafts; small-batch bakeries,candy shops, and cheese shops; micro-distilleries;micro-breweries(manufacturing 10,000 barrels per year or less) asregulated by the State ofMissouri and other small-scale food and beverage producers;small-scaleproduction of textiles, jewelry, and other artisanconsumer goods.

Artisan Industry, Class 2

The intent of this category is to separate more intensive activities from those described in Class1. Examples include but are not limited to small-scale welding, metalworking, glassworking, and firing of pottery or sculpture in kilns; small batch hardware and prototyping.

New Square Footage Standards

In Mixed Use Commercial (M-C) districts such as the Business Loop:

  • A Class 1 use may not exceed a gross floor area (GFA) of 15,000 sq. ft.. A single structure may contain more than this amount of GFA, as long as no single artisan use within the structure exceeds 15,000 GFA. Any single artisan use exceeding 15,000 sq. ft GFA shall require issuance of a conditional use permit.

  • A Class 2 use may not exceed a gross floor area (GFA) of 15,000 sq. ft.. A single structure containing a Class 2 use may contain up to 30,000 sq. ft. of GFA of artisan industry uses, as long as no single artisan use within the structure exceeds 15,000 GFA. Any single artisan use exceeding 15,000 sq. ft GFA or a single structure containing more than 30,000 sq. ft. GFA that contains a Class 2 use shall require issuance of a conditional use permit.

Guidance for Conditional Use Permits (CUPs)

The intent of issuing a CUP to an Artisan Industry is to encourage shared use of spaces and tools by artisans and to allow artisans to expand their businesses beyond what area is permitted if their operation is proven to not be detrimental to surrounding property owners, tenants, or residents. In addition to the six CUP criteria listed in Section 29-6.4(m)(2)(i), the commission will review the following factors as part of an Artisan Industry’s request for a CUP:

  • Specific artisan uses and activities.
  • Number of tenants.
  • Common or shared use of spaces and tools.
  • Operating plans or house rules, if available.
  • Adaptive reuse or repurposing of buildings.
  • For existing businesses requesting to expand, current or previous complaints or code violations such as over parking, traffic issues, or noise complaints.

This use shall be considered a commercial use for the purposes of screening per Table 4.4-4.

Loading docks and delivery areas shall conform to the provisions of 29-4.6(c)(6).

No outside storage shall be allowed.

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