What is The Loop?

Located just half a mile from downtown, The Loop is a remarkable collection of people who learn, fix, and build.  Things are made here. Now we’re taking that same DIY approach to improving the Business Loop.  Although we’re proud of our Highway 40 roots, we’re no longer satisfied being a quick route through town so we’re building on our strengths and creating a corridor of creative industries, economic engines, and hands-on learning—all with the same get-it-done attitude we’re known for.

The Loop Community Improvement District is an organization dedicated to:

  • Creating an attractive and authentic multimodal corridor
  • Attracting and retaining diverse and innovative businesses, employees, makers, and investors
  • Designing a street that is safe, vibrant, healthy, and welcoming to all
  • Communicating the importance of the area to Columbia

We recently completed a 10-year Corridor Plan to revitalize the Business Loop and a comprehensive economic development plan to attract local, small-scale manufacturers to the area.

The Loop CID is a member of the International Downtown Association (IDA), an industry organization that empowers place management leaders with knowledge, research, and public policies for creating prosperous city centers, commercial neighborhoods and livable urban places for all.


What is a Community Improvement District?

The core principle of a Community Improvement District is that the people within the district choose to invest in the area to provide services over and above what the city or MODOT can provide. It’s not a substitute for city or state investment but an opportunity for these entities and The Loop to work together on key issues. For more information, read the Petition and Bylaws and take a look at our 5-Year Plan.

What are the boundaries?

The Loop spans the length of Business Loop 70 from I70 on the west to College Avenue on the east. The district itself includes only the properties with frontage along the Business Loop because our focus is on improving the public space along the corridor. (You’ll notice on the map though that the parcels themselves vary significantly in size, from very large to quite small.)

While we want to increase linkages to the surrounding residential neighborhoods, many of those areas already have strong neighborhood associations so The Loop was designed to focus instead on the commercial properties. View our map.

What are our goals?

We have a lot to accomplish and are focusing on several key areas: beautification, public safety, economic development, marketing and events, and advocacy. We’ve spent time working with people on The Loop and in the community to develop two action plans. The Loop Corridor Plan is a 10-year plan to improve the environment through beautification and infrastructure upgrades and our Small-Scale Manufacturing Plan is designed to revitalize the economy by attracting local makers and artisans to join us on the street.

How is The Loop funded?

When everyone who uses The Loop contributes a little, we can accomplish big things. The petition that was voted on and approved by both the property owners and the City Council provides for a property assessment and a 1/2 cent sales tax. Registered voters in the district later voted to support a 1/2 cent sales tax. These funds will be used to enhance the public spaces—and these improvements will inspire property owners to make investments of their own. Already, MODoT and the City of Columbia have invested in key infrastructure projects for the corridor.

How can I get involved?

Whether you’re located on The Loop, near The Loop, or are simply interested in helping us improve, we want you involved. Our board meetings are held on the third Thursday of the month at 8:00 am at the Parkade Center. Our meetings are open to all and soon we’ll be asking for your input on ways we can enhance this key corridor. Find out more about our meetings and meet our board.

14 Business Loop 70 East
Columbia, MO 65203
573- 443-5667 (LOOP)
[email protected]

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