5-Year Plan

Enhance the Business Loop Environment

Work to implement the 10-year Loop Corridor Plan in cooperation with MODOT, the City of Columbia, and other partners, which includes, among other recommendations:

      • Replacing overhead power transmission lines with underground lines
      • Pedestrian sidewalks, green space, and parks
      • Streetscape enhancements such as landscaping, street furniture, and lighting
      • Cosmetic improvements such as seasonal banners, decorations, and signage that define the area

Increase the Business Loop Safety

  • Increase pedestrian and bike safety in cooperation with MODOT
  • Activate unused spaces so more people feel comfortable visiting the area
  • Work with the City of Columbia to implement Vision Zero safety projects
  • Work with CPD and social service agencies to address safety issues

Enhance the Business Loop Economy

  • Work to implement the Small-Scale Manufacturing Plan in cooperation with various partners
  • Work with partners on the shared commercial kitchen operations and promotions
  • Promote the various shared spaces/incubators on The Loop
  • Create pathways for those left out of traditional funding and start up processes, often women and minorities
  • Business recruitment and retention initiatives
  • Market research to understand both consumer and investor opportunities
  • COVID-10 recovery

Marketing and Events

  • Consumer marketing and branding to reinforce The Loop brand and the Maker City brand, and increase awareness of both
  • Maintenance of a website and other internet related promotional activities
  • Public relations to improve the image of the Business Loop
  • Events to bring consumers to the Business Loop


  • Advocate to advance policies and attract additional resources to the area
  • Maintain communications tools to reach out to stakeholders and educate ratepayers
  • Work to develop special incentives or opportunities for redevelopment that fits with the character of the street

Supporting Diversity

The Loop Community Improvement District Board has heard the recent voices speaking on issues of inclusion, diversity, and structural obstacles to success—particularly those of Black residents.

Our stated organizational goals include attracting and retaining diverse and innovative businesses, employees, and investors; designing a street that is safe, vibrant, healthy, and welcoming to all; and creating pathways for those left out of traditional business funding and start-up processes.

These goals are not possible when Black people or other people of color are disenfranchised or denied resources. Minority entrepreneurs must be represented in order for our community to thrive.

We commit to fostering a street that is welcoming to minority businesses, customers, and residents; supporting minority business owners and makers and working to remove structural obstacles to their success; and continuing to include a diversity of voices on economic development and other improvement projects.

14 Business Loop 70 East
Columbia, MO 65203
573- 443-5667 (LOOP)
[email protected]

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