Gartner receives international certification.

Published: 0101/1919/232323
Carrie Gartner, Executive Director of The Loop Community Improvement District, has recently obtained the designation of Certified Leader in Place Management (LPM) from the International Downtown Association (IDA). Gartner joins a community of professionals who demonstrate the knowledge and skills to manage and lead a place management organization, such as a community improvement district. Gartner […]
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Meet our new kitchen manager!

Published: 0101/1919/232323
We're so pleased to have Trish Sieckmann stepping in as the new manager of our CoMo Cooks Shared Kitchen.  Trish is a pastry chef with extensive experience in large and small scale baking production. She has training in cake decorating, fondant work, and advanced sugar sculpting (and what did you take in college again?) She's […]
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Public Safety Resources

Published: 0101/1919/232323
We have a couple of great resources for folks who'd like to help address issues they see around their businesses. First, Love Columbia has published an online list of services available in our community--from housing needs, to wellness services, to crisis assistance. This is a great resource to direct those in need to. The good […]
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Annual Report 2022

Published: 1212/1515/222222
The Business Loop Community Improvement District is pleased to present our 2022 Annual Report.  It’s been another busy year for us as we continue to move forward on some key Loop projects. It’s the second year of our Street Art Project—an outdoor gallery of works by local artists and graphic designers—and it’s become even more […]
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Redevelopment Map of Loop Properties

Published: 1212/1111/222222
The Business Loop has undergone many changes since the original Hwy. 40 and we know that makes redevelopment a bit harder to figure out. The City of Columbia’s Unified Development Code (UDC) adopted in 2017 has also impacted how redevelopment can occur. To help address this and encourage redevelopment along the corridor, The Loop CID […]
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