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Loop Corridor Planning Update

The Loop Board has hired Arcturis Design Collaborative to draft a master Corridor Plan for the Business Loop. They will be teaming up with CBB Engineering and ESS Engineering for the project.
The projects they've worked on in the past include the Manchester Avenue Streetscape project, the Cape Girardeau Downtown Strategic Plan, the Jefferson City Wayfinding Master Plan, the Rangeline Streetscape and Pedestrian Improvements, and the College Avenue Safety Enhancement Project.
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It's traditional to say this but it was a difficult decision and every firm we spoke with was highly capable of tackling our street. After so many great presentations from the various design firms, I think we all came away with a larger appreciation of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to transform the Business Loop. Of course, the goal isn't a completely new street, it's a better street--one that works for the businesses along it and the people who visit.
The following members of our planning group were invaluable to this process:
Clyde Ruffin - Councilman
Scott Wilson - Downtown Leadership Council (past-chair)
Mike Schupp - MODOT
Trent Brooks - MODOT
Gary Ward - University of Missouri
Jeff Lashley - MACC
Ryan Williams -  City of Columbia (Water & Light)
Mike Heimos -  City of Columbia (Stormwater/Sustainability)
Annette Triplett-  PedNet Coalition
Tom May -  Breaktime
Vicki Kemna - Boone Electric
Dave Griggs - Flooring America
Cris Burnam - Parkade Plaza
Felice Brown - Resident
Gary Ennis - Ennis Appliance
Paul Land - Plaza Commercial Realty
Richard Stone - City of Columbia (Streets)
James Roark-Gruender - Passions (Committee Chair)
When Arcturis and team are officially on board, we’ll be reaching out to you about participating in the public planning process. It’s important we have a street that works for everyone and you can help us make that happen.
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