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Maker Workshop: Digital Advertising now online!

Social media is the backbone for a lot of small businesses and makers but it's important to move beyond posts to paid advertising--but how to start? 

Come learn more about Facebook, Instagram, and other social media advertising from MJ Swetnam, Social Specialist and Jennifer Burleson, Associate Account Director at Coegi, a digital marketing group right here on The Loop. Here are just a few of the questions they can answer:

  • How do Facebook/Instagram/Meta ads work?
  • Which is better, paid ads or boosted posts?
  • How does audience targeting work? 
  • How do you combine free campaigns with paid campaigns? 
  • Are there differences between Facebook and Instagram? Can you run the same ads or should they be tailored to the platform?
  • What's with TikTok?
  • How do you make free posts and paid posts work together to communicate a coherent message?

If you missed the workshop, we now have it up on our YouTube page and you can download MJ and Jennifer's presentation as well.

This workshop is perfect for Loop businesses, local makers, and CoMo Cooks clients.

To find past Maker Workshops, visit our YouTube page and keep an eye out for upcoming workshops as well.

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