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CRE[8] Maker City Brand

Our Goals

~Creating an attractive and authentic multimodal corridor.

~Attracting and retaining diverse and innovative businesses, employees, makers, and investors.

~Designing a street that is safe, vibrant, healthy, and welcoming to all.

~Communicating the importance of the area to Columbia.
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CRE[8] Maker City Brand

The Loop has always been a place for creative industries, fix-it shops, and those who believe that if you're not wearing coveralls, you're not really working. Now, we're turning this same attention to the individual makers and creatives who love what they do and take pride in a job well done. We're creating partnerships, building shared spaces, and providing support for our local maker community as a way to incubate small businesses and revitalize The Loop.

Our goal is to support and promote our diverse maker community and raise awareness of how critical local makers are to the economic vitality of the area. We know small makers don't have big ad budgets and that's where we can help with joint branding and a shared marketing campaign. We've created a brand that all our local makers and creatives can use--on packaging, labels, social media and more. And the more we work together, the stronger our community becomes.

Why CRE[8]? Our Loop logo is built upon the infinity symbol, spray painted on city sidewalks to indicate the start of a public works project. We love the allure of a new project as well as the concept of infinite potential when it comes to our community of makers, artisans, crafters, and cooks. And in true creative fashion, our team tipped this symbol on its side and our brand was born.


The Loop
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