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2017 Annual Report

The Business Loop Community Improvement District is pleased to present our 2017 Annual Report. We’ve got big plans for the corridor and this year has brought some good news to help us achieve those goals.
Property values have increased, largely due to property owners who are confident enough in the future of the street to make substantial investments.
Property Values 1
The corridor is home to about 170 businesses with a strong focus on home and auto. It's the perfect Saturday retail mix and highlights one of our key differentiators from other retail areas.
Copy Business Mix 2 Retail sales are stronger than anticipated, offering proof-of-concept to businesses seeking to locate here and demonstrating our value to the city as a whole.
Better Sales Tax by Month 1
All totaled, a strong corridor means we'll have more funds to invest back into the street. Of course, a significant corridor improvement project will take several years and rely on funding from a wide variety of sources but we've got a good start.
FY 2018 Budget 1
Next fiscal year we'll start investing in projects you’ve identified as priorities—a corridor plan that includes both beautification projects and multi-model infrastructure upgrades, economic development initiatives to bring in more businesses, and increased communication to get the word out about The Loop.
Priorities 1
We talk a lot about the street but when it comes right down to it, it’s the people who make The Loop what it is. We have a fantastic volunteer board as well as business owners, property owners, residents, and fans who want to see the corridor revitalized and are working hard to make that a reality. We want to thank everyone for their support, their input, and their commitment to making The Loop a vital and innovative corridor that reflects the get-it-done attitude we’re known for.
Our entire 2017 Annual Report is available online. (We recommend clicking the fullscreen icon in the lower right for easier viewing.) We also have hard copies available in our office at 601 Business Loop 70 West, #128.

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14 Business Loop 70 East
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